Carpet Cleaning Keysborough

If you need high-quality professional carpet cleaning services in the Keysborough area, look no further than Dandenong carpet cleaning company. We back up that commitment with our 14-Day 100% Clean Guarantee. Our team of IICRC qualified and well-trained professionals will provide expert cleaning services for every part of your home. Rest assured we will meet your expectations if we do not exceed them. We will build an ongoing relationship based on dedication and customer satisfaction.

We have a 14-day 100% clean guarantee to reassure all our clients of the quality of our services.

If there are any issues with your carpet cleaning results in Keysborough you can simply contact us within 14 days of delivery and we will schedule a do-over totally free of charge. We are committed to customer satisfaction. This is why we protect your investment as well as our reputation. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed all the time, every time.

Carpet steam cleaning: methods and processes.

Your carpets are guaranteed to look their best after we’re done with them because we use the carpet steam cleaning method also known as hot water extraction technique which deep cleans and sanitizes carpets. Below is the process of how it is done

  1. We vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove all dry soil.
  2. We spray the carpet with our specialized cleaning solution which breaks down the oils and dirt it in the carpet.
  3. We clean the carpet with our truck-mount machine, that leaves the carpet fresh and uses intense heat to kill all the germs and bacteria present in the carpet.
  4.  For Any remaining stains we do advanced stain removal.
  5. The carpet will then be deodorized.

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Carpet Cleaning Keysborough
Carpet Cleaning Keysborough
Carpet Cleaning Keysborough


By the time your carpet goes through all the processes mentioned above,

it will be free from bacteria, dust mites, dirt, and allergies.
Experience a carpet cleaning service like you’ve never had before…guaranteed!