*Get your Lounge, Dining and Kitchen, Tiles and Grout cleaned for just $249 for up to 45 Square Meters. The minimum price for tile and grout cleaning service is $150. Price per square metre varies between $5 – $9 depending on the condition and size of the tiles.

Tile and Grout Sealing

Should you seal your grout?
Absolutely! And here’s why:
when you seal the new or almost-new grout with a subsurface penetrating sealer, you will ensure that you have maximum stain resistance and protection from the beginning ensuring that your browser does not have a chance to get stained. tile and grout sealant should be done professionally for the best results.

Premium tile and grout sealer.

We have a clear, penetrating tile and grout sealer which works using advanced flooring chemistry technology. This sealer reacts with the surface pores, leaving an invincible yet breathable protective barrier against stains as well as water and oil-based spills. Our grout sealer prolongs the life of your grout and tiles with ongoing stain resistance against most common contaminants for 10 years. We have technicians who are trained professionals and certified. They will identify your tiles and Stone surfaces and recommend the right sealer for your specific needs. Contact us for an OBLIGATION FREE inspection and quotation.

The protection that lasts.

Tile and grout protection office long-lasting protection against soap, scum, bacteria, water scaling, and other unwanted chemicals clinging to the treated surface. We have a unique tile and grout treatment that saves time and money. You only need one application so significantly reduced cleaning time and effort by up to 90%. In addition to being very much easier to clean your tile and grout will look much better and maintain its full color for a longer period of time.
Our treatment is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. When you choose to hire us to seal your tiles and grout, you will reduce the probability of mold and bacteria growth on your hard surfaces and as a result, you will be left with cleaner tiled surface which is great for your family. You do not need to use harsh toxic cleaning chemicals or a lot of water and as a result, you will leave a minimum carbon footprint.

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Grout Sealing



Once the floor is thoroughly clean it is a good idea to seal the grout lines using a penetrating sealer that completely fills the pores of the grout. The best sealer creates a barrier of protection against any future spills swelling and discoloration and protects your grout from dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Once the grout sealer is applied, spilled water or oil will bead up at the surface, making cleaning much easier and droughts will be much more easily maintained. Contact us today to get a free quote from Dandenong’s best grout cleaners and sealers.

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