Aussies love pets, , but just like human kids , pets can sometimes misbehave and make lot of Mess ! . Removing cat or dog urine smells can really be an unpleasant and difficult task. Dandenong carpet cleaners have extensive experience when it comes to getting rid of unpleasant stains and smells in no time. Your carpet, rug or upholstery will be left totally clean sanitize and smelling fresh.



Pet Odour Removal Services

Why you should hire Dandenong carpet cleaners?


If you own a pet, you will be all too familiar with the difficulty of getting rid of pet odors in your carpet as well as dealing with the stains. This is because urine from cats and dogs penetrates through the fabric fibers to the backing of the carpet and might even go as deep as the wood or cement flooring beneath the carpet. As the liquid dries it turns to Crystal which smells even worse and more concentrated.


We Can effectively treat the pet spots and odours.
● First will pinpoint the exact location and level of contamination with UV light and a moisture sensor.
● We saturate these locations with our powerful and eco-friendly enzyme treatment. Our enzyme completely breaks them and destroys the compounds causing the older.
● We remove the excess liquid and allow it to air dry.
● We also handle any associated stains professionally.
● If the situation warrants it, we will pull back the carpet to treat the underlying areas which include the flooring. In extreme cases, your underlay in the affected area may need to be replaced.

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Our pet stains and odor removal guarantee.

We have professional and highly skilled experts in odor removal, stain treatment, and carpet deodorizing. Which is why we guarantee:

  • Your pet urine removal job will be prioritized due to the time-sensitive nature of the contamination.
  • Total annihilation of the compounds that make up the urine in order to prevent a repeat accident.
  • No harsh chemicals will be used to sanitize your carpet. as a result, you will have no worries about unpleasant or harmful fumes.
  • Our drying times are really short and we will get your carpet ready for you in no time.
  • Our pet stain and odor removal services guarantee your complete satisfaction with extremely competitive prices and customer friendly services.


Pet Odour Removal Services

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Pet Odour Removal Services
Pet Odour Removal Services
Pet Odour Removal Services