Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning

Mattress Steam Cleaning

Absolutely nobody wants to sleep in a den of dust mites and germs. They thought alone is enough to keep a person awake. Studies have shown that over 70% of mattresses have been contaminated with dust mites that may induce allergies. Not everyone can afford to buy a new mattress every eight years as suggested by merchandisers.
If you do not want to replace your mattress, you need to clean it thoroughly. Our professional Mattress Cleaning services will leave your mattress clean, fresh and allergy-free. You should clean your mattresses at least once a year professionally. You can also use a neutralizing spray to reduce any allergen irritants between cleanings. We only use the latest professional machinery on the planet. We use a hot water extraction system that cleans and dries the material of your mattress simultaneously. All our mattress steam cleaning technicians are fully trained certified professionals. We will also provide you with recommendations and advice for dealing with a range of spillages and stains.

Cost of Mattress Cleaning:

Cot Mattress: $40 (mattress only); $60 (mattress and ensemble)

Single Mattress: $80 (mattress only); $100 (mattress and ensemble)

King Single Mattress: $90 (mattress only); $110 (mattress and ensemble)

Double Mattress: $100 (mattress only); $120 (mattress and ensemble)

Queen Mattress: $120 (mattress only); $150 (mattress and ensemble)

King Mattress: $150 (mattress only); $200 (mattress and ensemble)

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Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning


Dust mite treatment.

Dust mites are a major contributor to allergy symptoms. These pet allergies are unique to homes with pets. Dust mites cause adverse reactions in most people. Depending on the person the severity of the allergy symptoms can range from a slight inconvenience irritation to life-threatening symptoms. No matter how mild or how severe the Symptoms are, the solution is to professionally treat your mattress using Dandenong carpet cleaners professional dust mite treatment services


Cost of Dust mite Treatments:

Cot Mattress: $20

Single Mattress: $25

King Single Mattress: $25

Double Mattress: $30

Queen Mattress: $40

King Mattress: $50