Upholstery cleaning 

Buy steam cleaning your couch is on hopple street furniture regularly, you can keep them looking clean a genius and fresh for a longer period of time. We offer leading professional upholstery cleaning services in the industry. We are IICRC certified to ensure that your upholstery furniture receives the most thorough deep clean bringing it back to its pristine new look.

Our sofa cleaning process is designed to ensure the best possible results. We have a specialized cleaning tool called the braai master which we use to clean the fabric and extract the Steam back to the machine as it cleans. This process will remove most of the moisture from the fabric, reducing the drying time to 3-4 hours. We provide premium upholstery cleaning services at competitive prices. We also provide deodorizing services at everything and the service will provide.


Upholstery cleaning Dandenong

Our upholstery cleaning method

Step 1. Pre-inspection. This includes Fabric fiber identification and color-fastness test.
Step 2. Professional advice and fabric evaluation for best cleaning results.
Step 3. Power Head Dry Vacuuming with hospital-grade filtration. Removes most of the dry soiling.
Step 4. Pre-conditioning and spotting -A Safe organic pre-spray solution is applied to the fabric to breakdown body oils and dirt.
Step 5. A0gitation – Agitation with a soft brush will break down soil, body fats, and oils.
Step 6.Powerful extraction – Powerful equipment is used for extraction, resulting in cleaner and dryer fabric.
Step 7.Deodorizing and neutralizing. No sticky residue, no re-soiling.

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 We neutralize upholstery and prevent chemical residue buildup using acid rains and that leaves the fabric nice and soft.

Scotchgard fabric protector

After professionally and thoroughly clean in your couches and sofa, where they recommend treating it with Scotchgard another to enable it to stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Our Scotchgard protector acts as an invisible barrier that protects your couch and sofa from all unwanted spills and stains.
Our fabric protector prevents the growth and spreading of germs, bacteria, and dust mites while reducing static build-up. Also, it is completely harmless to humans, animals, and the environment. Contact us today to get a free quote.



Upholstery cleaning Dandenong

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Upholstery cleaning Dandenong
Upholstery cleaning Dandenong
Upholstery cleaning Dandenong