5 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

PETs can cause stains and odors which may present a real challenge when it comes to cleaning. However, in order to overcome this problem, all you need is a little knowledge can a few helpful tips.

Be prepared
Having the right product equipment and tools on hand in anticipation of an accident increases your chances of cleaning it up completely. The use of enzyme treatments is specifically designed to neutralize urine stains and odors. You also need a handheld carpet extractor. For cleaning up solid pet messes, you will need an enzymatic cleaner that contains bacteria and oxygen booster. One thing to consider is that lower-priced products will mask odors instead of neutralizing them. this means that once the effect of the product wears off the odors return. solid pet messes can be cleaned effectively with a scrapper or putty knife.

Act quickly
All pet message must be cleaned up immediately. The longer you allow your pets’ mess to stand, the more damage they can do to your carpet and the harder they will be to remove.

Correct cleaning
When dealing with urine stains you need to use the extractor to totally remove the urine from the carpet. Extractors are much more effective than paper towels. Once you have thoroughly extracted that you mean you can proceed to apply the enzyme treatment according to the package directions.
If your pet makes a solid mess, the first thing you need to do is use a scraper and dustpan to scrape up and remove the solids. Apply generous amounts of the oxygenated enzymatic cleaner and wait for at least 45 minutes. Scrape up all remaining solid and let the area dry before vacuuming.

Prevent pet interference
It can be really frustrating if your pet keeps interfering while you’re cleaning your carpet, you also end up spending much more time than normally required. You can prevent your pets from messing up your carpet while you’re cleaning it by covering the treated area with a plastic bag or aluminum foil. These materials tend to make loud sounds when disturbed, scaring away a curious pet.

Discourage reoffending
Keeping your carpet clean and fresh makes it less attractive to your pets. Regular vacuuming a couple of times a week and prompt treatment of affected areas, as well as regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaners, will keep your carpets clean and fresh..

pet stain and odor removal is a crucial skill to learn when you have a pet. all you need is to find the right tools and techniques and your carpets will look good and smell fresh all the time. Regular maintenance of your carpets also extends its life.